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Stop violence

- physical violence (infliction of bodily harm, arbitrary deprivation of liberty, torture, leaving in danger, failure to provide help, causing death);

- sexual violence (any acts of sexual nature, committed without person’s consent);

- psychological violence (verbal aggression, threats, humiliation, stalking, intimidation, restriction of person’s will, reproductive coercion, which cause insecurity, inability to protect yourself, harm to mental health);

economic violence (intentional deprivation of housing, food, clothing, money or documents, interruption into medical treatment, prohibition or enforcement to work, prohibition to receive education).

Possible offenders:

- spouses;

- persons, who live (or used to live) together as one family;

- relatives;

- guardians, care-givers, adoptive parents, parents-educators, foster carer;

- ex-spouses;

- newly married couple;

- persons, who have children in common.

Call police immediately – 102!
Contact “hot line” - 116-123 (twenty-four-hour and free of charge within Ukraine).

If you witnessed violence against child, inform promptly the children's affairs services/offices. Protect child from domestic violence!

Silence is the most dangerous co-partner of domestic violence!


Law of Ukraine on prevention and fighting domestic violence provides for new mechanisms of protection from domestic violence.

Urgent prohibitory order

Grounds: police initiative or injured person’s submission

Fixes such provisions for offender as:

- obligation to leave injured person’s abiding place (place of stay/residence);
- prohibition to enter and stay in injured person’s abiding place (place of stay/residence)
- prohibition to contact injured person in any form.

Responsibility for non-compliance with order: fine, community service, administrative arrest.

Duration of order – up to 10 days.

Restrictive order

Grounds: submission of injured person, representative, parents, relatives, children's services.

Court takes decision on application of restrictive order no later than 72 hours.

Fixes such provisions for offender as:

- prohibition to stay at place of common abidance (place of stay/residence);
- elimination of obstacles in usage of property by injured person;
- restriction of communication with injured child;
- prohibition to approach on certain distance abiding place (place of stay/residence), place of study, work place, other places injured person visits;
- prohibition to seek, harass, communicate with injured person personally of through third parties;
- prohibition to carry on correspondence, phone conversations with injured person.

Duration of order – up to 6 months.

free legal aid (defense, representation in court, documents’ drafting)

Injured from domestic violence persons are guaranteed with legal protection, legal services provided by appointed advocate (lawyer) are covered by state. 

Centers’ contacts:  https://www.legalaid.gov.ua/ua/local-centres

- psychological assistance and social services (consulting, crisis and emergency intervention, social support, mediation etc.) in centers of social services for family, children and youth, of local teams of social-psychological assistance.

Centers’ contacts:  https://www.msp.gov.ua/news/14911.html
Local teams’ contacts:  https://www.msp.gov.ua/news/14910.html

- temporary shelter in center of social-psychological assistance, crisis center or asylum for victims of domestic violence.

Centers’ contacts:  https://www.msp.gov.ua/news/14909.html

To get to these centers you can apply to local state administration or local council.

If you became a witness of domestic violence with regard to your close person, relatives, familiars etc., call police! Your indifference may save someone’s life*

*According to statistics, more than 600 woman die from domestic violence every year.
According to research and under expert assessment less than 23% of injured persons ask for help.

Let’s make Ukraine free of domestic violence together!

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