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Responsible parenthood

Initiative of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: right to alimony.


Minimum recommended size of alimony for children*:

- Under 6 years old – 1699 UAH

- From 6 to 18 years old – 2118 UAH


Alimony, which are paid by non-residents are not taxed


The restrictions for alimony debtors are:

- Prohibition on crossing border, driving the car, use of weapons and hunting;

- Fine from 20 to 50 % on the amount of debt;

- Socially useful labour;

- Confiscation and sale of the debtor's property.


*From the 1st of July, 2019

This is the amount returned by the state from the income tax paid by the parents.


You may get discount on payment for education of your child in:

- kindergartens;

- extracurricular courses;

- schools;

- colleges and vocational schools;

- Institutes, academies and universities.


The approximate amount of tax discount is 18% of the amount paid for education services.


How to get tax discount?

1. Pay for education and save the documents that confirm your payment.

2. Get an income statement from your employer.

3. By December 31 of current year, fill in the tax declaration on property and income for the past year.

4. Submit documents for a discount at the State fiscal service body at the place of your registration and get a tax discount.

Initiative of the Ministry of social politics of Ukraine: compensation of the cost of a nanny for a child under 3 years old.


Who can be the municipal nanny?

- Anybody who has registered as an entrepreneur (КВЕД 97.00, КВЕД 88.91) or

- Legal entity, which provides childcare services.


The amount of compensation is 1626 UAH (from the 1st of January, 2019).

The compensation is paid for each child who is provided with a nursing care service.


How to get compensation?

1. Conclude an agreement with the municipal nanny.

2. Contact the social security department of the relevant council at your place of residence and provide:

- A copy of the agreement formally concluded with the nanny;

- Documents confirming the payment for nanny services (receipts, checks, bank account statements);

- Passport and identification code;

- Birth certificate of a child;

- Application for compensation.


You should:

- Submit the documents within a month after conclusion of the agreement with the nanny;

- Every month until the 5th of the month submit the documents on the nanny’s services payment.

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