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Protection of consumers’ rights

Before buying, be sure to find out:

•             Name and address of the seller

•             Main features of the product

•             Price

•             Procedure for making claims, warranty conditions and terms of delivery

•             Exchange and return policy


You can protect yourself while buying something online by:


•             Using «cash on delivery»

«Cash on delivery» is a type of transaction when the recipient makes payment for a good at the post office and this payment is sent to the seller at an additional cost. The recipient may examine the product at the post office and refuse to buy it.

•             Getting a refund

If you payed for a product online and the seller did not send you this product, address your bank and submit a refund request for the product you did not receive. The bank will explain if the refund is possible, coordinate your further actions and conduct the investigation.

In order to exchange/return goods that you bought in online stores:

1.            Save the document that is a proof of payment.

2.            Make sure that the product has remained intact.

3.            Address the seller and make a claim to exchange or return the product within 14 days from the purchase date.

4.            Inform the seller how they can pick up the product – the seller pays for shipping or it is established by the agreement of the parties.


If the seller refuses to accept or exchange the product:

1.            Make sure that you know the information about the economic entity that sold you the product.

2.            File a complaint about consumer rights violation to State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection or to the court by the place of residence. There are no court fees for this type of complaints.

Consumer credit – the money that a bank or other financial institution gives the consumer to pay for goods\services.

You can get the consumer credit to meet your needs that are not related to entrepreneurship, professional activity or the performance of duties of an employee.

Consumer credit agreement has to be in writing only.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to make the contract unreadable in any way, including by typing it in small font, making the color of the font to blend into the color of background.

The consumer has a right to rescind the consumer credit contract without explaining reasons within 14 days from signing. The consumer does not have to pay any other payments (fine and other penal damages).

On December 6, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on information about food products for consumers.

From now any food product has to be accompanied by information about it. The information has to be accurate, reliable and understandable and be situated directly on the package or label.

There must be information about:

•             Name of the product, list of ingredients and their quantity

•             Ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions or intolerance

•             Quantity of products in units of measurement

•             Expiration date

•             Special terms of storage and/or usage

•             Name and place of residence of market operator or importer; country or place of origin.

•             Instruction of using

•             Actual alcohol content in the beverages

•             Nutritional value information


ATTENTION! Market operator cannot charge you with extra fee for providing mandatory information about food products.

According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, until the product is bought, the seller/shop bears the risk of loss.

If the store administration/security demand you to pay for damaged goods – insist on filing a damage claim and presenting evidences that prove your guilt.

IMPORTANT! Only court can establish guilt and obligation to pay for destroyed or damaged product. You do not have to pay for anything immediately at the store.

If the administration/security does not let you out of the building – refer to the law «About consumer protection» that prohibits to request payment without consumer’s consent.

If the store administration nonetheless is forcing you to pay for broken/damaged goods, you should сall the police!

Economic entities that aim to sell goods and services to customers and use «payment transaction loggers» have to provide the usage of online banking tools. Other economic entities can use payment terminals on their own accord.

If you have been denied using your bank card – call the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection hotline and demand the application of sanctions to the seller for violating the law «About consumer protection».

A fine is established for refusal of cashless payments or the lack of POS terminals in the places where they are supposed to be. The list of such places is established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №878 (29.09.2010).

ATTENTION! Stores and cafes equipped with cash registers aren’t obliged to accept bank cards, if their shopping area is less than 20 square meters (except for gas stations) or if they are located in towns with a population of less than 25 000. Canteens in companies, educational institutions and military bases are also not obliged to have POS terminals.

Information about the price of the goods must be given to the consumer prior to the purchase of the goods (services).

The price tag should be:

- clear and easy to understand.

- displays the price of each unit or product category.

- Includes all taxes and payments that are paid at the time of purchase.

REMEMBER! Indistinct or ambiguous provisions of consumer contracts are interpreted in favor of the consumer.

When there is a misunderstanding while paying for the goods:

Contact the store administration with the requirement to return the difference between the price on the price tag and the check.

In the case of refusal –apply to the territorial organs of the State Committee for Consumer Protection of Ukraine or to the court at the place of residence about the violation of your rights.

All goods remaining in circulation in Ukraine should be marked in the state language.

If there is no mark on the product in Ukrainian - such product is fake or it is imported into Ukraine in violation of customs regulations. This means that it may not meet the requirements of safety legislation and separate quality metrics.

In case you detect that goods in which there is no marking in Ukrainian are being in the sale:

Avoid buying it to prevent potential negative consequences as a result of its consumption.

Contact the round-the-clock hotline of the State Committee for Consumer Protection of Ukraine by calling 044 364 77 80, inform about the detected product and specify the address of the store that sells it.

Your application will be checked, and if there are violations detected, a fine is imposed on the store and the goods are withdrawn.

If you have received an order in the eatery

-              visual characteristics of which do not match the image shown in the menu (except in cases when the seller notices about possible differences)

-              contains ingredients that are not listed in the menu or foreign objects

-              obviously not suitable for consumption (spoiled, not fresh)

-              with a significant delay (if the waiter has assured in advance that he will bring the dish over a specific time) –


you may not pay for the ordered dish and demand to replace it free of charge for another.

If the administration of the eatery refuses to replace the meal free of charge:

1)            Pay for the meal and capture the evidence of violating your rights: take a picture of a meal, picture in the menu, save a check.

2)            Please file a statement of violation of your rights to the territorial organs of the State Committee for Consumer Protection of Ukraine or to the court at the place of residence.

Require the seller to exchange it to a suitable one or to return the paid money. For exchanging the goods it is necessary to present a merchant (fiscal) check that confirms the purchase.

If you purchased a suitable product but overlooking the external features, it appears to be spoiled - this may indicate a violation of the conditions of storage or forgery of the date of manufacture. You can exchange such product or refund the money paid for it.

If you find an expired or spoiled product on the store shelf - be sure to inform the administration and demand to remove such a product from the sale. Ask to check the entire batch so that other buyers will not be poisoned. The products could be taken into the shop already spoiled.

Spoiled goods must be written off and disposed of!

If compliance with our recommendations did not help and your right was violated,


  • Round-the-clock hotline of the State Committee for Consumer Goods and Consumer Protection:

044 364 77 80

  • The addresses (telephones) of the territorial bodies of the State Committee for Consumer Safety and Consumer Protection


  • Coordination Center on Free Legal Aid:

0 800 213 103

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