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Education without bribes

• Do NOT GIVE BRIBE in any cases!

• Apply to student self-government body or trade union of university; notify management of university.

 • Inform law enforcement bodies. They will provide you with information on further actions.
• Prepare evidence (audio-, video records, friends’ testimony).

• Write application to police (concerning university location).

• Law enforcement officers will mark money, which group is going to give to university officer, with special paint. This paint would be visible only under ultraviolet light. Money numbers will be changed as well.
• Law enforcement officers could set video recording or fix fact of obtaining bribe by other measures, provided by law.
• Call Unified contact-center 0 800 213 103 and receive additional legal consultation.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT to education without bribe!

Responsibility for bribery is for BOTH SIDES – for those, who give and receive bribe. Forehanded voluntary notification on bribery releases from criminal responsibility.

Under articles 368 and 369 of Criminal Code of Ukraine unlawful benefit covers material items and non-material benefits.

Bribe is a kind of material benefit.

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