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Stop bullying

Bullying is an action or lack of action, which is commited to the child or commited by the child to other participants of educational process, in the result of which the harm to the mental or physical health of the victim was or could be caused.

Bullying types:

  • Physical (pushing, tripping somebody up, fighting, kicks, slapping, causing bodily harm)
  • Psychological (offensive glances, gestures, bodily movements, facial expression, spreading rumors, social exclusion, threats, jokes, manipulation, blackmail)
  • Economic (thefts, clothing or personal stuff damage, extortion)
  • Sexual (offensive glances, gestures, bodily movements, sexual insults and nicknames, filming in changing rooms, spreading rumors, sexual threats, jokes)
  • Cyberbullying (harassment through cell phones, Internet, other electronic communication tools)

Characteristics of bullying:

- Systematic nature;

- The presence of sides involved in the act – the bully, the bullied person, and the witnesses (if any);

- Action or lack of action, which resulted in emotional and/or physical damage, humiliation, fear, anxiety and/or social isolation of the affected person.

1. Bullying*:

- fine from 850 to 1700 UAH

- community service from 20 to 40 hours.


2. Bullying commited by a group of persons or within a year after the imposition of an administrative penalty:

- fine from the 1700 to 3400 UAH

- community service from 40 to 60 hours.


3. Non-reporting of bullying by the principal of the educational institution to the authorized units of the National Police:

- fine from 850 to 1700 UAH

- corrective labour up to the month and 20% wage deduction.


On the 18 of December, 2018 Parliament of Ukraine was adopted the law №2657-VIII «On the Amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on combating a bullying», which declared the liability for bullying.

*penalty is applied to children aged 16 or above and parents whose children commited bullying under age of 16.

1. Make a complaint about bullying to the principal of the educational institution or report it to the police.

2. Explain to your child that he (she) can seek help from teachers, school administration, police, psychotherapist, older students, other children’ parents, security guards in case of bullying.

- Interrupt into action and stop the bullying – don’t be patient with violence;

- Inform the administration of the educational institution about situation;

- If the administration doesn’t take action – report it to the police.

  • Talk to your child about the situation, find out the reasons for such behavior;
  • Tell them about liability for bullying;
  • Clearly and firmly ask them to stop such behavior, tell that you will observe it;
  • Consult the school psychologist about child’s behavior during classes;
  • Follow the recommendations of the anti-bullying commission.

Remember! The bully won’t change right away! It is a long process which requires patience!

If you need legal aid (legal advice, drafting a claim or other documents), you may call Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision 0 800 213 103*

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If your child needs consultation, call National children’s rights hotline for children and parents 116-111.

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